Add value to your milk. Upgrade your farm
to 24/7 mini-dairy.
Turn-key solutions from raw to packaged milk. Our fully-automatic on-farm systems will unchain farmers from industrial dairies and ensure a stable economic future for their families. Pick the best option for your farm.
Our solutions for
packaged milk
Небольшой текст
в две-три строки
Capital cost: from €0
NOMADEUS™ Mobile Dairy
shared mobile dairy unit
Номадеус приезжает по расписанию на Вашу ферму, подключается к cooling tank и возвращает Вам пакетированное молоко с Вашим или зонтичным брендом
Capital cost: from €190 000
turn-key solution based on NOMADEUS container mini-dairy technology
Может размещаться в любой точке мира и обслуживать от 1 до 5 ферм
Capital cost: from €190 000
direct processing for group milking
Turn-key pre-fab solution compatible with any group milking system. Комплекс пастеризует и запаковывает молоко непосредственно во время групповой дойки без стадии охлаждения и долгого хранения сырого молока
Entry cost: from € 280 000
direct processing for milking robots
DirectDairy™ integrates milking robots with pasteurization, filling, and sorting of individual milk in a fully-automatic 24/7 process
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Групповое доение
What is Individual Milk?
Individual Milk - is a milk...
описание что такое индивидуальное молоко
direct dairy HOLDING B.V.
About Us
Direct Dairy Holding B.V. is a Dutch startup with a Russian founding team.
DDH is based in Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland - the province famous for its dairy
farming. The company develops its proprietary technology and trademarks.

Direct Dairy Holding B.V. invites technical and business professionals to join our team on a part-time or full-time basis. If you are ambitious, creative and enjoy working with multiple and challenging tasks, DDH is the place to be. Send your applications directly to Andrey at

Official information about Direct Dairy Holding B.V.:
Mailing address: Turfmarkt 11, 8911KS Leeuwarden, Netherlands
KvK-nummer 67621392.

directdairy team
Meet our team
Команда Direct Dairy Holding B.V. - это сочетание профессиональных инженеров, маркетологов и экономистов с большим опытом и страстью к нетривиальным решениям стандартных задач.
Dr. Andrey Kuteynikov
Founder and CEO
Andrey holds a PhD degree in economics of technological innovations. Before launching DDH, Andrey worked at a major international pharmaceutical company, launched six innovative businesses in Russia and invested in ten startups as business angel. You can contact Andrey at
Valentin Sergeev
Chief Technology Officer
Valentin holds a Master's degree in engineering. Before joining DDH in 2016, Val spent several years developing innovative technical solutions for Gazprom. You can contact Valentin at
Roman Pirog
Process Engineer
Roman has 10+ years of experience in dairy processing. He was involved in large-scale projects for Pepsico and several local dairy companies in Russia.
Vlad Troshin
System Engineer
Vlad holds a Master's degree in engineering and has 10+ years of experience in R&D. Worked in development of more than 5 flexible technological systems
Contractors and subcontractors
Over 30 dutch and international companies was involved in this project to bring the best solution for the global market
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Dutch Head Office
Turfmarkt 11, 8911KS, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
+1 123 450 00 00
Tech Office in Russia
Loft Pineapple, 22 Green Street, New York
+7 926 001 04 51
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