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The Beauty of Freshness
Can you imagine yourself selecting yesterday's bread and juice from concentrate over hot-baked bread with freshly-squeezed orange juice? The same rule works for milk. Unfortunately, only farmers know how fresh milk tastes nowadays. But we invented the way to deliver this freshness to consumers.
While working on our direct-mode processing systems, we test the results on real consumers. All things being equal, their appreciation of milk depends on two factors.
One is the time from milking to pasteurizer and the other is the time from farm to consumer. While it typically takes three-four days from cow to package for standard industrial milk, it takes DirectFlow™ and DirectDairy™ processes just 15-20 minutes from milking to package. The other factor is the time from filling to consumer. If farmers manage to deliver their packaged milk to consumers within hours, their customers will finally start enjoying milk rather than considering it just as a faceless nutrient source.

The future of milk = direct from cow & fresh from farms
1. Optimal logistics

Logistics impact
The current milk production cycle assumes that the milk logistics include excessive routes to and from processing dairies even if a farm is next door to its consumers. Direct milk processing let farmers bypass processors and deliver their freshest milk directly to consumption areas.
2. More money for farmers
In most markets, dairy farms operate at or below their cost of production. The left picture reflects the reason for this. Processing dairies cut a big chunk of the total consumer price of milk. The right picture reflects a new reality where both farmers and retailers earn more money because there are no processing dairies in the picture anymore.
True, farmers will need to learn new skills and become entrepreneurs to market their packaged milk and fermented products from direct milk processing. But the efforts are worth the result. Just click on our income calculator to see how much you can gain with our direct processing technologies.

3. Packages with less carbon footprint
Direct Dairy Holding BV selected milk packages with the lowest impact on the environment. Our spouted stand-up pouches are 40 percent lighter and are nine times more compact than plastic bottles. It results in lower transportation costs for the farmers and lower volume of the landfill.
Our packages are made of PET and are fully recyclable. Biodegradable packages will be an option as soon as they are available in the market.
You can find more on the benefits of stand-up pouched versus other types of packages here.

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About us
Direct Dairy Holding B.V. is a Dutch startup with a Russian founding team.
DDH is based in Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland - the province famous for its dairy
farming. The company develops its proprietary technology and trademarks.

Direct Dairy Holding B.V. invites technical and business professionals to join our team on a part-time or full-time basis. If you are ambitious, creative and enjoy working with multiple and challenging tasks, DDH is the place to be. Send your applications directly to Andrey at

Official information about Direct Dairy Holding B.V.:
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KvK-nummer 67621392.

Meet our team
Direct Dairy Holding B.V. is a team of professional engineers and entrepreneurs passionate for non-trivial solutions for standard problems
Dr. Andrey Kuteynikov
Founder and CEO
Andrey holds a PhD degree in economics of technological innovations. Before launching DDH, Andrey worked at a major international pharmaceutical company, launched six innovative businesses in Russia and invested in ten startups as business angel. You can contact Andrey at
Valentin Sergeev
Chief Technology Officer
Valentin holds a Master's degree in engineering. Before joining DDH in 2016, Val spent several years developing innovative technical solutions for Gazprom. You can contact Valentin at
Contractors and subcontractors
Over 30 dutch and international companies was involved in this project to bring the best solution for the global market
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