DirectFlow integrates group milking systems with milk pasteurization, filling, and sorting in a fully-automatic process
DirectFlow™ production cycle at a glance
DirectFlow™ is a plug-and-play prefab system ready for production of packaged milk from day one. Designed within standard 40-feet shipping containers, DirectFlow™ system integrates directly into any group milking system (herringbone, parallel parlor, carousel, etc.) Our fully-automatic process accepts raw mixed milk directly from your milking system at one end with consumer-ready packages of pasteurized milk sorted to the crates in the cooling cell at its other end. The full process from milking to a sorted package takes just 15 minutes.
Alternatively, DirectFlow™ system can take mixed milk from a cooling tank and/or milk tankers shuttling between several farms.
While in operational mode, DirectFlow™ needs no operators. The farmer needs to adds empty packages and spouts to the filler, switch the system to CIP mode and back, clean the production area once a day, and ship the stacked crates with packaged milk to their customers. The whole process will take you no more than 90 minutes a day.
DirectFlow™ is available in two standard models of 500 and 1000 liters per hour. It fits within one prefabricated production module the size of a standard 40-feet container. Farmers will need to order and install locally a cool cell on their own and we will fill it with our sorting and stacking automation. Optional production of fermented liquid products requires an extra 20-feet container.
For farms with herds from 100 to 750 milking cows or 2000+ milking goats.
Turn-Key Set for Easy Start
DirectFlow™ hardware is supplied as integrated prefab system ready for production from day one.
Flow Pasteurizer, Deaerator and Homogenizer
Our flow pasteurizer is the first principal part of DirectFlow™ system designed by our engineers and protected by patent applications and know-how. Our 1000 L/hour pasteurizer has an amazing energy consumption of just 7 Kwt.
Deaerator extracts gases dissolved in milk. We offer it as a core component of DirectFlow™ system to avoid potential alien odors in milk.
Homogenizer, however, is offered as an optional feature. Farmers can opt for homogenized or non-homogenized milk production.
We chose to fill our milk into stand-up pouches with sealed caps for two major reasons. #1. This type of packages has the lowest carbon footprint compared to carton boxes, plastic or glass bottles. #2. This is the only type of packaging that allows small-scale filling, labeling, and sorting of milk without manual operations.
The filler can fill up to 1000 packages per hour and is coupled with a smart printer that prints variable data on each package. This feature makes every package label unique.
CIP Unit and Air Sterilizer
CIP unit cleans our milk lines in coordination with the milking system to optimize the production cycle.
Air sterilizer prevents milk contamination in the processing room. The technology that sterilizes air on International Space Station upgrades our production room to GMP level of air cleanliness.
Cold Storage Automation
Farmers need to order a 50 m2 or 100 m2 cool cell from local suppliers. Milk packages from our processing area are automatically sorted to crates that are later stacked in the piles of four by our Amazon-style robotic drones. The total capacity of our initially recommended 50 m2 cool cell for DirectFlow™ system is 4300 liters of packaged milk. With an additional 50 m2 cool cell section, the storage capacity will expand to 9000 liters.
Smooth Expandable Supply
Direct Dairy Holding BV supplies farmers with packages, spouts, filters, detergents, and other disposable items. Farmers can order farm-specific packages with different levels of customization.
Full-time Technical Support and Regular Service
Our technical personnel is available 24/7 for online consultations. Technical service intervals are monthly in the first three months upon installation and bi-monthly after this initial period. Standard or expanded set of spare parts goes together with every DirectFlow™ System.
Fermented Products (Optional)
DirectFlow™ facility can be upgraded for production of fermented products. This expandable option is supplied in a separate 6-meter-long container with one or two 500 L or 750 L fermentation units. Farmers can expand their product list by adding liquid products like drinking yogurt, kefir, etc. from pasteurized milk. The DirectFlow™ hardware will fill and sort these products along with premium milk. Flavored additives and blended fruits can be mixed into your fermented products and filled into packages in a standard way.

Build your own brand!
DDH provides farmers with a contemporary interactive milk packages. Farmers can choose between different package volumes: 720, 1000 and 1250 ml. Farmers will build their own dairy brands. The package design, however, needs to be approved by our company.
An interactive QR code printed on each package will lead consumers to the farm's internet page with videos, pictures, news and promo hints from your farm.
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