Shared mobile solution
for on-farm milk processing

Pasteurize and pack your milk right at your farm with NOMADEUS™ mobile dairy.
Create a sustainable and flexible business for your family.

How It Works

NOMADEUS™ integrates on-farm milk pasteurization, filling, and sorting within a single fully-automatic process. GMP-clean mobile unit travels from farm to farm and process raw milk into premium packaged milk at no capital cost to farmers.

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About us

Direct Dairy Holding B.V. is a Dutch startup with a Russian founding team.
DDH is based in Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland - the province famous for its dairy
farming. The company develops its proprietary technology and trademarks.

Direct Dairy Holding B.V. invites technical and business professionals to join our team on a part-time or full-time basis. If you are ambitious, creative and enjoy working with multiple and challenging tasks, DDH is the place to be. Send your applications directly to Andrey at

Official information about Direct Dairy Holding B.V.:
Mailing address: Turfmarkt 11, 8911KS Leeuwarden, Netherlands
KvK-nummer 67621392


What is the social and environmental impact of NOMADEUS™?
1. With NOMADEUS™ solution, farmers can produce final consumer product right at farm thus kicking industrial dairies out of the value chain. Since industrial dairies have the heaviest carbon footprint in the milk production cycle, their elimination reduces the negative impact on the environment. Production of our milk requires less energy and carbon emissions than industrial dairies.
2. NOMADEUS™ uses PET spouted stand-up pouches as milk containers. They are about 20 times more compact and about 40 percent lighter compared to plastic bottles and are fully recyclable unlike multi-layer cartons traditionally used for liquid dairy products.
3. NOMADEUS™ will unchain farmers from industrial dairies and ensure a stable economic future for their families. Thus, DirectDairy Solution preserves the culture and well-being of European family farms with modern technologies.
In which countries can this technology be applied?
NOMADEUS™ Mobile Dairy is applicable anywhere in the world because dairy farmers experience the same problem of full dependence on processing dairies worldwide.
What is new and competitive about NOMADEUS™ service?
Prefab on-farm dairies already exist and are primarily operational in the third-world countries. But none of them demonstrate some vital NOMADEUS™ features:
1. Mobility. NOMADEUS™ is the only solution capable of the on-site serving of several farms. It moves from farm to farm towed by a trailer truck.
2. No capital cost. Farmers pay for the volume of milk processed only.
3. No extra labor cost. Unlike existing on-site solutions with a high volume of manual operations, NOMADEUS™ is fully automatic from the milk tank to the crates filled with packaged milk. NOMADEUS™ operator is the only person who will handle all operations.
4. Flexibility. Farmers can start with a low volume of milk processed and move to higher volumes gradually. They can also use packages of different size to adapt to the market.

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